Where is the big festival of octopus in Spain

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But where can there be a party dedicated to octopus in Spain? In Galicia of course.

This year 2019 will not derogate from the tradition in Galicia, there will be as usual the octopus festival (fiesta del pulpo or Galician "Polbo à feira") in Ourense. It is a celebration of national tourist interest in Spain.

Where to eat the best octopus in Spain

This holiday is happening at "O Carballiño" and is very popular.

More than 30,000 kg of octopus are tasted (figures are 20,000 to 50,000 kg depending on the source).

But we do not just taste the pulpo Gallega, we eat many traditional dishes of Galicia as "el pan de Cea", many kinds of empanada, potatoes at will and of course all this washed down with local wine , the "vino de ribeiro".

The octopus is cooked in gigantic and impressive pots in the heart of the city.

Date of the Octopus Festival 2019

The feast takes place on Sunday, August 11, 2019 in O Carballiño on the road between Ourense and Pontevedra.

We do not just enjoy octopus and local products, we listen to music and dance in the balls of the city.

Note that throughout the year in Galicia other festivals dedicated to cephalopods are organized, but the most popular party is this one.

Where is the big festival of octopus in Spain
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Galicia fiesta del pulpo 2019