Spain declare medical emergency mid March 2020

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Spain goes into alarm to try to stem the presence of covid - 19 (coronavirus) on all its territory.

Indeed, Spain is the second country in Europe most affected after Italy by the disease.

Then in exceptional situation, exceptional measures, the government of Pedro Sanchez took the decision yesterday March 14, 2020 to place the country in isolation and the official promulgation was registered with the BOE (sort of official journal).

Explanation of Spanish measures to counter Coronavirus

Before mid March Spain had taken measures fairly equivalent to that of France, ie:

  • Opening of essential shops.
  • Avoid unnecessary trips (doctor, work and shopping only).
  • Authorization to do sports outdoors.
  • Schools closed.

However the degenerating situation, Spain goes into high gear this Sunday March 15, 2020:

Containment of the entire population.

  • Prohibition to move and more "avoid" for something other than work, shopping and medical appointments.
  • The low cost TGV (low cost AVE) is eliminated to avoid spread on trains where you are tight enough!
  • Suspension of sports meetings.

Deployment of UME (Unidad Militar de Emergencia - military emergency unit) in 7 major cities of Spain most at risk such as Madrid, Valencia, Leon, Seville and Zaragoza, Las Palmas and Santa Cruz de Tenerife in the Canary Islands . This Spanish civil protection emergency unit usually intervenes when there are disasters such as floods, forest fires, bombings, major accidents.

But why does Spain place its population in containment?

For of course the number of cases but especially to avoid some disobedience to the instructions as the cases of the province of Murcia where residents of Madrid took advantage of "holidays" by the sea. The community of Madrid being the most affected since the start of the epidemic of Coronavirus with in mid-March already 3544 cases is a little less than half of the cases of the country and especially 213 deceased patients, that is 80 more than the day before in a single day.

Players of the football team and the entourage of Valencia are affected. Cases also in Elche.

Most regions remove the famous Spanish Semana Santa.

Seville has even decided to stop its Feria de Abril 2020 and proposed to postpone it to September.

And especially already 290 dead of this virus in Spain in this mid March and that since the beginning of the epidemic. Already 7753 cases 517 severe.

The situation was becoming worrying with 2000 cases in just 24 hours.

What happens next in Spain?

Like Germany, Italy and Greece, Spain is seriously considering closing its borders soon, some politicians no longer hesitate to ask the government.

Spain declare medical emergency mid March 2020
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