How Spain make his maps of Coronavirus and the different phases

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As in most European countries, the deconfinements are done more and more widely.

Spain is so regionalized, the place of residence plays a lot on the measures taken locally.

In Aragon (Zaragoza, Teruel and Huesca)

This very vast region of Spain bordering in particular with France, Catalonia and the community of Valence decided to ban and cancel all the local festivals of June and July 2020.

Coronavirus special emergency numbers

We have summarized them all here where you will find the emergency numbers for Spanish as well as for Anglophones.

Given the current context worldwide, almost all governments put emergency numbers for populations in order to find out or report cases of COVID-19.
On the other hand if you are Spanish around the world, you can contact the Spanish consular number: +34 91 394 89 00

Spain is no exception to the rule, but of course with a very Spanish specificity, the communities and independent regions of Spain.

Of course in case of problems and information on the coronavirus of this year 2020, a telephone number exists and is independent for each region!

We give you in case all these numbers for each of the Spanish communities:

Emergency numbers in Spain for coronavirus

Covid Andalusia number

955 545 060

Covid Aragon Number

061/976 696 382

Covid Asturias number

984 100 400

Covid Canary Islands number

900 112 061

Covid Cantabria Number

900 612 112

Covid number Castile La Mancha

900 222 000

Covid number Catalonia


Covid Ceuta number

900 720 692

Covid Madrid number

900 102 112

Covid number Community of Valencia

900 300 555

Covid Extremadura Number


Covid Galicia number

900 400 116

Covid number Balearic Islands


Covid La Rioja number

941 29 83 33

Covid Melilla Number


Covid Navarre Number

948 290 290

Covid Number Basque Country

900 20 30 50

Covid number Region of Murcia

900 12 12 12

Coronavirus emergency number throughout Spain

You still need one to remember easily, this is the European emergency number, which we recommend because you can have people who speak several languages, at least in Spanish and English.

The number is the usual one, it is of course 112

Hoping that the epidemic will end at least for the summer and that the holidays and the beaches will once again be places and moments of pleasure.

Courts remain open in Spain

At the end of May all the courts will be open across Spain and this throughout the summer to make up for the delay suffered during confinement.

Update on victims in Spain as of May 21, 2020

Although as in most countries the figures are certainly understated (lack of tests, suspected mortality due to covid - 19), the death toll is estimated at 27,888 dead and 232,555 cases confirmed by PCR tests (salivary and nasal secretions ).

Yesterday May 20, 2020 there are "only" 95 dead due to the coronavirus which represents a slight increase compared to the previous day. Of which 40% in Catalonia including 416 positive cases and 25% in Madrid.

Obligation of masks in Spain

From this Thursday 21 May 2020 ascension day, masks are compulsory from the age of 6 years in all enclosed places and public roads.

The safety distance increases to 2 meters instead of 1 meter, 1.5 meters.

Please note that the sanctions have risen to 601 euros and can now increase to 30,000 euros, which is to say that our 135 euros in France seem less dissuasive!

The different phases of containment in the country were updated on May 21

70% of the population is declared in phase 1, with more rights compared to regions in phase 0.

New rights for this majority of the population of Spain come into play at the end of spring with in particular establishments of more than 400 square meters which will be able to open part of their businesses, while respecting barriers, masks and social distancing. .

Recall that the alarm state in Spain is extended for the moment until June 7, 2020 at midnight (night of June 7 to 8).

Spanish cities and regions in phase 0 (maximum containment)

This is the community of Madrid, Barcelona, ??the Comarca de Montseny (region in the land between Barcelona and France, in Catalonia).

But other cities are still in critical phase 0, including all the capitals of Castile and Leon (Leon, Segovia, Avila, Burgos, Palencia, Salamanca, Soria, Valladolid and Zamora).

The community of Madrid has been refused by the health authorities and the government to go to phase 0, the technical criteria not being met (cases always numerous and hospitals always saturated).

But beware the parts of Spain in phase 0 see their rules soften considerably: opening of small shops, libraries and museums under conditions of a limitation of the number of people present at the same time on the different sites, with marking on the ground or even registration beforehand.

Note from May 25, Castile and Leon and the community of Madrid should be able to move into phase 1 and reach the vast majority of the Spanish population.

A request which goes in the same direction was made by Catalonia to pass in phase 1 around Barcelona and in phase 2 in Tarragona and in the high Pyrenees, but for the moment no decision is taken.

The regions in phase 2 in Spain that know the most freedom at the end of May 2020

Unsurprisingly these are most of the Spanish islands:

In the Canaries: La Gomera, El Hierro, and La Graciosa are almost totally deconfinement, as is the small Balearic island (Formentara).

These phase 2 zones will be able, subject to controlling the flow of people, to open shopping centers, theaters and even bars. Note that all the educational centers in these phase 2 areas in Spain are reopened and that marriages are again authorized.

Galicia also requested the transition to phase 2 with mobility between the provinces, similarly for the region of Murcia (except Totana) with limitation to cultural gatherings of less than 100 people in the open air and 10 people in social gatherings, similarly for Asturias, Extremadura, Canary Islands, Balearic Islands and the enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla.

And when will phase 3 of deconfinement in Spain be?

Phase 3 if you do not know, it is the return to normal in Spain, we are unfortunately not there, but the bars, shops and tourism players hope to return to normal for the summer in order to save the tourist season.

Special features of small municipal

Cities with fewer than 10,000 inhabitants will no longer have time restrictions for playing sports.

How Spain make his maps of Coronavirus and the different phases
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The phases 0 to 3 for covid-19 in Spain