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A ferry crashed into the the port of Las Palmas Gran Canaria at 8h30 pm the 21 Avril 2017.

The ferry from the ARMAS company, which connects the different islands of the Canary Islands, was leaving the port of Las Palmas at about 8.30 pm.


The damage caused by the ferry in Gran Canaria

On the human side, only one passenger has a few cervical injuries, but overall the hospitalizations have mainly concerned psychological dammage and some others few things.

But for the material side, this is not the same thing !

First The ferry caused a fuel leak in the port of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, which put the nearby localities on the alert, the leak was up to 3 km long.

Then checks are made as there is a problem on the desalination water quality in Las Palmas and Telde next door. There would be contamination with sea water.

Let us hope that cool water will return to these two big cities of the Canary Islands as quickly as possible.

An electric problem to leave the ferry

More fear than for the 140 passengers, it is certainly an electrical failure, in any case it is the version of the captain of the ferry.

This failure prevented the boat from leaving the port without encumbrance with a stop of the engines preventing it from turning fast enough. An investigation is underway.

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You knew the radars, the radars on board and of course the automatic radars, arrive in Spain the cameras of checking the seat belts.

The measurement and the first radars or cameras have been in operation since April 11th. In all there will be 225 from the start of the operation.

Both reason : Financial and road security !

You risk up to 200 euros for not wearing seat belts, remember that in most union european countries you will have a nice mail on your return from holidays.

In Spain if you travel regularly in the country you have surely seen the many messages about the national or autovia on the port of the "Cinturon".

Where are the seat belt safety cameras located?

More than 50% of the installed cameras will be on very accidental axes. Especially on nationals.