Big noise for an eathquake near Javea and Denia

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It is a modest earthquake that occurred around 22 hours on August 19, 2019 in the province of Alicante, it was 2.9 on the Richter scale.

However it was felt on the neighboring municipalities of the province of Alicante : Benitatxell, Gata, Denia, Javea.

The region is subject to seismic risk it must be remembered, this is not the first in the province of Alicante this year 2019.

The big noise of this earthquake in August 2019

The inhabitants are mostly out of their homes because they heard a huge boom in the manner of a plane who fly over the wall of sound, then followed a few seconds of earthquake.

For the moment nobody knows what is this loud noise heard by the inhabitants of Benitatxell (Benitachell in Castilian).

No damage or distress calls following this event.

where was the earthquake

The epicenter is located in the city of Benitatxell only 4 km deep.

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